Under The Dome Week 4

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It’s been another week has passed for us in Topeka. This week was long and hard fought for many in the Pro-Life movement, unfortunately the end result was not what we hoped for.

It’s been another week has passed for us in Topeka. This week was long and hard fought for many in the Pro-Life movement, unfortunately the end result was not what we hoped for.

Value Them Both Amendment

SCR 1613, or Value Them Both as it was commonly know, intended to change the Kansas Constitution too clearly state there was no constitutional right to an abortion - as the Kansas Supreme Court had erroneously ruled - and to make clear, the Kansas Legislature was responsible for regulating the abortion industry, for the protection of mother and child. Sadly, despite a lot of hard work and a lengthy 6+ hour session this past Friday, the measure failed 80-41.  Due to the actions of a few fake Republicans - Republicans In Name Only (RINO) who chose to allow 15 of our children to be killed every day in our state - these four Republicans are ok with endorsing murder in our state. The Legislative process is one where we are taught not to take the debates personally and to honor the tradition of professionalism and decorum.  Unfortunately, I take this vote personally because if we, as a state, do not stand up for the children - born and unborn - who will?  These are future doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, even civic leaders - but they are also our future moms, dads, brothers, sisters - neighbors. You elected me to stand for our principals - and defending life, all life, is one of those guiding principals. This fight is not over - not even close - rest assured, I and the rest of the true Republicans in Kansas will not rest until every child in our state - born and unborn - are afforded the chance to be loved and nurtured into the future of our Great State of Kansas! #ProlifeAlways

Transgender Sports Bill

For those of you who remember, I introduced the National Motto bill two weeks ago. I introduced a second bill earlier this week. This bill tackles an issue not many think about, but I still feel is something we should talk about. 

The Transgender Sports bill targets middle and high school aged transgender students who wish to participate in sports. This bill simply says, that as a transgender student, if you choose to do so, you must participate in the sport that aligns with your biological gender at birth. 

Men and women have biological differences from birth. These differences target certain areas of a person’s body and brain. To dismiss these is dismissing science. Student’s who are involved in extra curricular sports do not deserve to have their achievements overshadowed by someone who has biological differences that will benefit them.

Wednesday Break

This Wednesday allowed for the legislature to take a break from our daily routine. Up in Kansas City, the Chiefs were celebrating with their very own parade. This day off allowed for a lot of legislators to catch up on any constituent requests or business. As a last word, I want to encourage everyone to stay informed with the issues facing Topeka. Reach out to your elected officials. The words of a constituent mean more to us than you know.

Promises Made Promises Kept With the 2020 legislative session underway, I am pleased to announce that I have filed for re-election as the Kansas State Representative for District 85, so we can continue the fight to reduce our tax burden, to protect our personal rights, and defend the future of our children, born and unborn, we will continue to bring the family home.

Pro-Life: I sponsored the abortion reversal pill last session, to protect unborn children and their mothers from the devastating impacts of abortion. As a state, Kansas cannot allow the murder of our unborn children.

Pro-Gun: In the previous session I voted to pass legislation that would allow all law-abiding adults to legally carry a handgun and add Kansas to a growing list of states recognizing conceal carry permits from other states. I will continue to bring this attitude to the Kansas legislature, our campaign, and 2020 session

Pro-Jobs: I proudly voted to reduce your tax liability to Kansas and passed the Aviation Tax Credit to create new aviation careers in our community. Aviation is a strong industry in the state of Kansas and brings much economic prosperity to the community. Working to stabilize this industries economic benefit.

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