Under The Dome Week 2

Welcome Back

It's another week in the Capitol building, and things are starting to move. The new year has proven to be a good one so far. Let's keep it going throughout the legislative session!

National Motto Act Introduced

I'm excited to announce that I have introduced a bill that would require public buildings to display a posters with the national motto printed on them. HB2476 is a bill that I have been working on for a little while now. It requires NO tax payer dollars to be implemented, and it's a bill I'm proud to have introduced.

If many of you remember the national motto, "In God We Trust," was not an uncommon thing just a few short years ago. Something changed between now and then. Proudly displaying this sends a positive message, showing unity between Kansan's of all backgrounds.

Make Kansas Work

Earlier this week the Republican Party of Kansas unveiled a "Five-Point Plan to Foster the New Kansas Decade." The plan, titled Make Kansas Work, utilizes public-private partnerships to bolster economic growth in the state. There are 5 bills attached to this plan, each one targeting issues within the Kansas economy. 

These include the Kansas Promise Act, which seeks to provide scholarships to any student looking to pursue a trade school career.

First-Time Homebuyer Accounts would encourage or next generation of homebuyers to stay here in Kansas.

A Rural Healthcare Innovation Fund would match public and private dollars to help fund rural hospital research and any changes needed to keep rural hospitals alive in todays current healthcare market.

The Targeted Employment Act provides tax credits for businesses that employ individuals with disabilities. A Social Security Exemption would raise the exemption for senior citizens, on social security, from $75,000 in annual income to $100,000.

Democrats Hiding

In recent days the Sedgwick County Democratic Party was caught in the middle of a scandal. An ethics complaint was filed claiming that the party's three previous campaign finance reports were misleading and an outright "misrepresentation of their financial dealings." 

The reports refuse to include names of donors for tens of thousands of dollars. Along side that nobody seems to know where exactly the money went to either.

It appears the Democratic Party doesn't like playing by the rules. Kansas cannot and should not accept any kind of leadership that hides behind a shroud of secrecy.

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